Samsung’s latest flagship phone Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was already released by the mobile giant a couple of days ago. As it is the flagship phone, the company says that it has the built-in cooling systems that were never before on any smartphone. That is why the experts had to investigate to see what this cooling system and how it works. 

With the multiple big camera setup, the device has been using a lot of space. Obviously, its 108 Megapixel camera with a wide and angle sensor has gained a lot of attention. At the bottom, there is a periscope camera which is even bigger in size. 

The Architectural Overview of Note 20 Ultra

The flagship smartphone consists of dual-source components in it. As the experts of mobile repair Dubai suggests that Samsung is famous for its SoC sections in their phones. They have also said that some parts of Europe got their own official Exynos chips, whereas the other parts of the world get Qualcomm chipset. 

Research says that Samsung also uses its own and Sony’s camera technology in various smartphones. It just interchanges, depending upon the phone’s features and quality. The battery also comes from more than one source. But, it doesn’t matter because both the sources are interrelated with each other. 

The Built-in Cooling Systems 

All the models of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are generally made up of different types of built-in cooling systems. Among them, two are basically important and well-known. One type of cooling system uses graphite layers. And, the other type of cooling systems uses copper steam chambers. As there were many explosive rumours about Note series in the past, there are no such pieces of evidence about the excessive heating issues of the devices. 

  • The Graphene Cooling Pads 

The graphene cooling pads are also known as the copper steam/vapour chamber. Whenever your devices turn hot, never panic. The experts say that the heating doesn’t mean that your mobile phone is in the stage of overheating, this type of warming happens only when the GPU, as well as the CPU, uses its full power and its features. 

In addition to that, the device also can get warmer when it reaches the peak level of its performance. That is why the graphene or the copper chamber cooling pads come in handy. They cool down the CPU as well as the GPU so that the peak performance can stay for a longer time. Still now, regarding the device Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, there are still no complaints about the heating issue. 

  • The Graphite Layered Cooling System

Some of the Note devices’ cooling systems are built with graphite layers. Several experts have stated that the graphite and copper vapour chamber cooling system doesn’t have much of a difference, in terms of the cooling procedures. It also to some extent does the same job as well. 

Other mobile experts and analysts are also keeping their views upon the internal team of Samsung development. Obviously, there is not just one team behind the manufacturing of the flagship phones. There might be an internal competition going on between the engineering teams. They are testing which one will be much more effective and inexpensive. 

The Experimentation of the other Cooling Methods 

Samsung is already in the testing process of several other cooling methods. That is why the dual-sourcing methods are very much helpful for them. It is not at all a new thing in the industry. Let’s take for an example, the camera sensors and batteries are not made by Samsung. They come from other industries. People are on the verge of wondering that these dual-sourcing methods are to some extent related to the other cooling methods. 

Samsung’s Preference 

Various expert reports state that Samsung generally prefers the graphite thermal pads over the copper cooling chambers. It is the mid-range production item. As a result, if the graphite thermal pads are included in the phones, then the pricing of the devices will be much lesser. After the teardown by the experts, let’s say five devices, only one of them has the copper cooling chamber and the other four are having graphite thermal pads. 

The Effects of Cooling Systems 

Till now, there are no such customer reviews about the cooling systems of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. One main thing you have to know is that people don’t actually know which cooling systems they are having when they buy the flagship smartphone. 

Apart from the camera and battery, Samsung is also dual-sourcing the cooling systems. So, now the usability of the customers will collaborate with the phone. And, after using, they will be able to tell which one is performing better after a teardown. 

Expert’s Point of View

Several experts, those who have experimented with the device have given positive feedback. After the tear-down, they declare a vivid insight into the cooling system/mechanism. In addition to that, they also stated that the same cooling process is not present in each and every device. Samsung didn’t even utter a word about this feature to the public. 

The overall construction of the phone is seriously breathtaking. All the other features like camera, battery quality, display, are praise-worthy. After examining the device, the experts declared that the overall structure is good but the engineers will have to give much effort in the process of repairing. 


The cooling system really doesn’t have any type of intangible or tangible effect on the device. But, Samsung and the experts are very much interested in its performance news. Last but not the least, it is always recommended taking the device to a reliable mobile repair Dubai service center, if overheating issues are determined.