AVG antivirus protects your device system from any external threat. This antivirus works on Windows, Mac as well as on the Android systems. The antivirus also offers substantial features which help to detect and to scan all the files entering the system. Not to mention the software is available free of cost. But at times because of some internal threat or inability of the latest upgrade in the order. The users want to Temporarily Disable AVG and check for other software simultaneously.

Go through the article, and find ways how to disable avg from the system temporarily. Also, we will discuss the issues related to the disabling the antivirus software system. And reasons why we need to disable the application.

Everything You Need To Know To Temporarily Disable AVG

Though the AVG antivirus system provides features like system scanning, blocking the threats and checking all the attachments entering the system. Sometimes, it also acts strangely by not following the proper function and removing or deleting important files.

The behavior of the antivirus also depends on the system configuration. For example, if the system upgrades and the antivirus still run in its older version, it will be unable to understand the latest changes in the configuration. It can further corrupt the computer and eventually freeze it.

Moreover, some unauthorized games and application software which are required by the users also get blocked by the antivirus installed in the computer. To access those file without obliterating the antivirus from the system becomes a difficult task. For that reason sometimes temporarily disable AVG antivirus becomes necessary.

Easy Hacks To Temporarily Disable AVG

Method 1:

Open the computer and navigate to the AVG icon and then select it. Scroll down to the Temporary disable option and press on that. It will as for the time span, provide it and then click OK. Restart the device and again check if still, the antivirus is working or not. If it’s yet not disabled temporarily, then Right-click on the AVG icon and select the “Disable till asked” option. Switch the use to Off and close the process.

Method 2:

The protective shields of antivirus can be temporarily disabled. To start the process, go to the AVG protection menu and select on the Settings option. In the Settings choose on Components and then on Allow the system to disable. Give the system about 20 to 30 seconds to do the process. Once it’s over then, restart the device properly and check the functions of the deactivated antivirus.

Method 3:

In the computer open the Start menu and search for the antivirus. Right-click on the AVG application icon and open the antivirus software. Go to the Options menu and open the drop-down box. In that section select the Advanced settings and then choose on Continue. Choose the Temporary to disable antivirus option and provide the time span and reasons for the convenience of the system. Hit on Yes and let the antivirus disable itself. After the process is over, select on the Save option appearing on the screen to start the disabling operation of the antivirus in the device.

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