AVG antivirus gets globally acknowledged for its premium features. It is highly reinforced with amazing featured which protects the system from virus and malware threats. But there are times users want to Uninstall AVG and also, go through several difficulties as AVG won’t uninstall. As a result to that, the system corrupts and eventually freezes. Even the system requires uninstallation as sometimes the virus does not allow a proper upgradation.

If you are also unable to uninstall Avg antivirus, then go through this guide, and avail techniques on how to Uninstall AVG properly.

Know Why To Uninstall AVG?

The uninstallation is necessary because of the device in which the antivirus is present gets affected if the antivirus becomes outdated. One outdated antivirus can corrupt the system and also can further freeze the machine. Even, cannot match the configurations of the latest version of the system.

Also, scanning the system becomes difficult and hamper the process. As the scanning becomes difficult further, the system slows down and cannot link to other software. Moreover, because of a virus attack also, some proper installation can get disturbed which requires uninstallation of the pre-installed antivirus.

How To Uninstall AVG?

First of all, select the Start menu and navigate to AVG in the Control Panel. Choose the Removal option and find the antivirus. Now, Right-Click on the Remove button and uninstall the antivirus. Then, Restart the system and check if the file is appropriately uninstalled. Furthermore, scan the whole system and check if the file still exists in there. If any trace of the deleted file remains in the order,  then remove the data so that it doesn’t run in the backend and corrupt the system. Reboot the device and again, check the system correctly.

Use The Safe Mode

To uninstall the AVG antivirus first, make sure there is no data loss of the system. To ensure that go to the Start menu and then, select the Settings option. In the Settings choose the Safe Mode option and click on that. Reboot the system and allow the uninstall process after that.

Hit on the shortcut icon of the antivirus and navigate to the properties option.

Select the find target and then on the windows properties key. Hold the U key and launch on the “uninstallManager.exe” and select uninstall automatically. Double tap on the AVG setup and use CTRL+U to remove the file directly. Select the Yes key to start the process and select next to restart the system. Clean the system cache after removal of the antivirus and also delete the file from the recycle bin.

Remove The Internet Security System

Select the Run option and then navigate to the AVG security antivirus. Choose the Trash and the uninstall key automatically. Wait for about 20 to 30 seconds and then press the Continue uninstall key. To go ahead with the process press Continue and allow the system to restart.  After all the process completes, then check if the file is appropriately deleted from the system environment. Scan again to reassure that and continue to uninstall the antivirus.

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