Bitdefender is an antivirus software which keeps your system safe from cyber-criminals and other similar threats. However, it also has some glitches like Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp error. This error generally starts after upgrading Windows. If you don’t close this error pop-up window, then your system may get shut down after a while.

In some of the cases, though your system doesn’t contain Bitdefender scanner, you may also face this problem. The damaged Spybot file is also a significant reason for the error. You may need to replace the corrupted file to make your system to work smoothly. You can take the help of this article to fix this “.dmp file error”.

Common Causes Of Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp Error

A lot of reasons can trigger issues with computers and software issues are just a start. Below are some of the usual reasons why you might face issues with BitDefender Antivirus.

1.Corrupted Files

If any system file get corrupted after updating the Operating system, then this is a cause for this irritating error.

2.SpyBot File Issue

If any of the Spybot’s files get damaged in your system, then it may be the case for which you are facing this error in your system.

Solutions For Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp Error

To resolve the error, you may need to apply all these below procedures until you reach the solution for it.

Solution 1: Remove All Temporary Folders

This Bitdefender Threat Scanner Error notifies you with pop-up messages. The cause may be due to the accumulation of too many files in the Temp folder.

First, open the Run function box, press the Windows key along with the letter R at the same time. Then type in “temp” on the Run box and hit the Enter button to execute this command and open the Temp folder. Then select all available files, pressing Ctrl along with the letter A. After that hit the Delete button from your keyboard. If this fails, then you need to follow the below procedure to complete this job.

In this case, also you need to open the Run box and then in the command area type %temp% on the blank space and hit on Enter. It will open the Temp Window. Now you need to select all and to do this take your mouse cursor on this window and click on it. After that press the Ctrl key along with the letter A to select All. Finally, press on Delete to remove all the selected items. This process may resolve this Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp file error.

Solution 2: Download And Run Patch

If you have recently updated Bitdefender antivirus, then there is a pretty good chance that your system is running through this Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp error problem. First, check the type of Windows OS you are using and download the compatible patch. Run the patch file accordingly to resolve the problem.

Solution 3: Repair Spybot’s Damaged Files

This Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp error may occur due to the Spybot’s damaged files issue. Go to the Windows search bar and then type File Explorer, then hit the Enter button. Then on the search bar of this window, type in “SDAV.dll” and then press Enter. This is the file which may occur this error. If you are not able to find this file from the Spybot -Search & Destroy 2 folder, then you need to proceed to the further steps as below.

But if you are not able to find this SDAV.dll file in the folder, then you need to download the missing file. After that place, the downloaded file to Spybot -Search & Destroy 2 folder. Then, verify the size of this downloaded file; if it exceeds 32KB, then its file otherwise again download this file until the file size exceeds 32KB. Because if the file size is less than that, then there is a high chance that the downloaded file is the corrupted one.

After confirming the size replace this downloaded file to its particular place as stated earlier. Next, after replacing the data in the destination, you may find that your Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp error has got its solution.

These are the methods to resolve this Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp file error. After fixing this issue, you may be able to use your system without any excess effort.