Avg is one of the essential antivirus programs available for your device. It prevents the system from virus and malware attacks. But sometimes users face an issue that is AVG Installation Failed. As a result, the antivirus programmes cannot work in the device and the system starts malfunctioning. Probably the main reason for this error is because of another antivirus software which is already installed in the machine.

Read this guide, and learn what to do if AVG installation stuck. Also, you will learn the ways to maintain AVG antivirus is so that you do not face any issue shortly.

AVG Installation Failed? Know The Reasons

The first and foremost reason for the AVG installation failure is that the system already contains a pre-installed antivirus software. Remove the antivirus and then try to install the app. Also, if the AVG antiviruses configuration doesn’t match with the system settings of the device, then such an issue can take place.

Scan the system to check if any other feature is running which is hampering the process. The software might be not updated to its latest version, and thus the Operating System’s defender is not allowing the progress. Moreover, because of a virus or a malware attack, the AVG Installation Failed could occur.

Beginners Guide To Fix If AVG Installation Failed

To resolve the installation error of the AVG antivirus tries the following hacks:

Remove A Pre-installed Antivirus

In the beginning, check if any other antivirus is there in the system. If you find any other antivirus, then select that programme and double tap on it. When the uninstallation option appears on the screen, then choose the Yes option and then click on Next. Restart the system after the uninstallation process occurs by giving the device about 20 to 30 seconds.

Also, scan the system after the uninstallation and if the trace of the previous software appears then delete them. Once it is done try to install the AVG antivirus in the device. If then also, you cannot fix it, go through the article and try different methods.

Check If Antivirus Configuration Matches The Device

Match the configurations of the software to the setting of the machine you want to install it. Also, check if the Operating System defender is allowing the antivirus to work in the system. To make sure the antivirus configuration works go to the Settings option and select the Update and Security option. See if any update is available. If your system accepts the update, then click Yes. If the system doesn’t agree on the configuration, then try another version.

Blocked Applications

Reboot the computer and then check if the antivirus configurations are blocked. Scan the system and check the files. Right-click on to the records available in the list and select the Unblock option there. Refresh the system and reinstall the antivirus. Sign in as the admin of the system by providing valid username and password. Restart the device after the installation and check if the Avg Installation Failed in the order.

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