McAfee is one of the most efficient antivirus software available nowadays. But some of its applications, make the user have a difficult time. This situation occurs mainly because of McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal error. As the users cannot get rid of the errors, it further increases and causes the system to freeze.  

Since you are reading this article, it is possible that you are also suffering because of this issue. Do not bother. In this guide, you will find some fantastic fixes which can resolve the McAfee endpoint encryption fatal error.

McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error: A Brief Discussion

There are several possibilities for which the fatal error might occur in the McAfee antivirus software. Generally, this error is a result of the software glitches. All these internal errors lead to the problems with the system.

Eventually, the pace of the device is also affected by the software applications sluggish nature. The version mismatch also points to the McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error. For example, a slight mismatch in the software versions or the improper download of installation files leads to the disturbance in the antivirus.

In addition to that, an installation error in the software causes the imbalance in the device settings. In the backend of every program, the antivirus either misfunctions or blocks necessary files.

Quick Ways To Resolve McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error

Step 1: Clean The Junk

To eliminate the error, first, clean the caches and the junk files which are saved in the device. You can also check the memory management of the system, as sometimes improper placements can cause the error. To remove caches and cookies go to the Start menu and then in the search bar find the Memory settings. Click on the option and scroll down to the Clear device. Select Yes to start the process and restart the device when the process ends.

Step 2: Removal Of Unwanted Software Applications

Further, remove the unnecessary stored software from the device by unzipping them. Reinstall the necessary files. Reboot the system and wait for about 20 to 30 seconds to regain the power.

Select the McAfee icon in the display screen and open it. Go to the Settings tab and click on the Real-time protection and uncheck it. Save the changes with an extension and check the actions of the antivirus. Restart the system and check if the pop-up message is still appearing on the display.

Step 3: Internal Security Error

Open McAfee antivirus and scan the system. Check the security portal and then disable the other scan option. Refresh the system and check for virus infections. If you find any virus then, uninstall the antivirus from the device and reinstall it again.

Step 4: Update related Issue

The error also can occur because of the update issues of the antivirus to the system where it is running. Check McAfee antivirus configuration and log in into the system as the admin. Match system configuration and then install it to the device again.

Contact McAfee Support

Even after following all these solutions mentioned in the article, if you are still unable to resolve the McAfee Drive Encryption Fatal Error. Then it is better for you to avail expert guidance assistance.

You can contact us by dialing McAfee supports Customer Care service Helpdesk Toll-free Number  +1-855-589-4554. You can also access our service via shooting us an email address all your McAfee errors. Our professionals will resolve all your queries and get in touch with you as soon as possible from us. You can even register your problems and get solutions from experts by connecting to our live chat portal. Our services are very cost effective and customer friendly.