Bitdefender antivirus protects your device from harmful virus attacks. However, sometimes due to this antivirus you can face a lot of problems. Such as, your system might get slowed down. Occasionally, it conflicts with the Windows firewall.

In this situation, uninstalling the Bitdefender antivirus can be the ultimate choice for you. Want to know how to uninstall Bitdefender? then here are the procedures to follow.

Uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus with Easy Hacks:

Here are the steps that you can follow to uninstall Bitdefender antivirus correctly.

For Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 Operating System, then first, click on the Start icon. From the available options choose Control Panel. Now, within the Control Panel, go to the bottom and double click on the Programs & Features options.

Under the Programs and Features tab, locate the Bitdefender and choose the Uninstall option. On the next window, tap on the Remove option. Then, according to your situation, select any of the given options.

  1. I want to reinstall it 2) I want to permanently remove it.

Tap on Next to continue. Wait for sometimes as the uninstalling procedure might take some time to complete. Once done, reboot your machine to take the effect of the changes.

For Windows 8,8.1 OS

Go to the Control Panel by using the Windows Start menu. Under the Control Panel, scroll down and tap on the ‘Uninstall a Program’ option. Else, you can select the ‘Programs and Features’ button.

Thereafter, search for the Bitdefender antivirus. Once you find it, click on the Uninstall button. Next, tap on Remove on the window that pops up on the screen. Like the previous one, select either ‘I want to reinstall it’ or ‘I want to permanently remove it’ depending on the situation.

Hit the Next option to complete the rest of the procedure. Wait as this process might take some time to complete. When finished, restart the computer and now you have successfully uninstalled the Bitdefender antivirus.

How to Uninstall Bitdefender on Windows 10?

In the beginning, click on the Start icon and thereafter proceed to the Settings tab. Within the Settings, tap on the Apps icon. On the next page, find Bitdefender and choose Uninstall.

Again tap on Uninstall to confirm the changes. Tap on Remove option. Now, either tick on the ‘I want to reinstall it’ or also you can select the ‘I want to permanently remove it’ option.

It totally depends on the situation. Tap on Next. Keep patience as the uninstall procedure can take some time to complete.

After completion of this, reboot your Windows 10 device.

People Also Ask

.How do I Uninstall Bitdefender Antivirus from Mac?

In order to remove the Bitdefender antivirus first, minimize any open window and after that, tap on a empty space on the desktop. 

Proceed to the menu bar. From there click on the Go option. Thereafter, choose the Applications button. Under the Applications window, you will find the Bitdefender folder. Open it. 

Now within the Bitdefender folder, scroll down and double-click on the Bitdefender Uninstall. After that a new window will appear on the screen. Here, scroll down and select Uninstall.

Furthermore, enter the administrator password and confirm the changes. After that, the uninstall procedure will be started. Once completed, tap on the Close option. Thereafter, a web page will open and ask you to complete a survey. In case you don’t have enough time, close the page.

Afterward, visit the Macintosh HD. Thereafter, click on Library as well as move the Bitdefender folder to Trash. While doing this, you might again need to enter the administrator password.

If the Bitdefender icon still shows on the Dock, then right-click on it . Then, click on Options. In addition, tick on the Remove from Dock option.

Once you have successfully uninstalled the Bitdefender, then remove the given Kernel extensions.

1st- FileProtect.kext

2nd- SelfProtect.kext


  • How do I Remove Bitdefender from My Android?

In the beginning, open the Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus application. Afterward, hit the Menu button and choose Account info. On the next window, tap on the Uninstall button and type the PIN.

If a confirmation message appears, click on Yes.

Alternatively, you might disable the Device Administrator settings. To do so, proceed to the Settings area and tap on the Security button. Unmark the dialog box present beside the ‘Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus’ icon to disable the Device Administrator.

Then, tap on Deactivate and after that, tap on the Ok button.