The AVG antivirus software defend the computer from virus and malware attacks. It also shields the device from any outside threat of infected files and blocks them straightway. AVG is supported on Windows Operating System, iOS and even on the android systems. But sometimes, it also corrupts the device and freezes them. So, it is better for the users to check if other software is capable of resolving the issues that this antivirus cannot. For that reason, the users often want to know how to turn Off AVG.

Read this article to know the most effective ways on how to turn off AVG antivirus.

Excellent Ways To Turn Off AVG Antivirus

You can turn off the AVG antivirus completely. For that, first, select the Windows Task box and navigate to the icon. Right-click on the logo and select the “Protection enable”option. Choose Yes to confirm the request and permanently turn off the antivirus from your device.

To turn off the AVG antivirus temporarily, first, start the computer. Click on the AVG icon and allow it to shut down the Protection shield. Right-click in the AVG protection option and navigate to the Settings option to disable the antivirus temporarily. In the settings, select the Turn Off option and provide the period for which you want to shut the actions of the software application.

How To Turn Off AVG On Windows?

Open the system and double tap on the AVG antivirus logo. Drag the logo to the corner and click to open it. In the search bar situated on the upper corner, type Option and click on the menu. Go to the Advanced settings and open the new pop up window on the display screen.

Click on the Disable option and click on Yes to continue. Stop the OS defender and the firewall by choosing the Disable firewall and disable Windows Defender options. Click on the OK option and change the settings.

Turn Off AVG On Mac

Select and open the AVG applications program and select the “On” option and then, choose the Real-time protection option. Open the AVG folder and Disable the default enable option. After disabling the AVG antivirus software application, save the original settings.

Further, restart the system and check again. If the antivirus still works on the system, then do a proper scan of the system and delete the files related to the antivirus. Also, check if any shortcut of the AVG antivirus application is still present in the device.

Permanent Removal Of AVG from Windows OS

Go to the Control Panel and enable the Defender of the OS. Click on Program Features and select the list of pre-installed programs. Choose the Protection Uninstallation option and press Ok to start the process. First, select the Safe Mode option. To enable the Safe Mode, click on the Settings option and scroll down till you find the Safe Mode option there.

Click on Yes and start the process. Reboot the device and then begin the uninstallation procedure. Wait for about 30 to 40 seconds to complete the entire process. Restart the system and refresh your computer.

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