Avast is an antivirus application which protects your system against potential threats like malware, spyware, etc. Sometimes it misreads and encounters the trustable sites as a threat. In that situation, it becomes quite troublesome for the Avast users to deal with it. Therefore, it is important to know how to turn off Avast temporarily or permanently. If you are not that tech-savvy, then it might be tough for you to troubleshoot the problem. However, this article will help you learn how to disable Avast Firewall with the right steps.

how to turn off avast

Major Reasons To Turn Off Avast

Let’s look into some of the primary reasons behind disabling Avast on your device.

  • Sometimes, Avast fails to remove all the web threats like malware, spyware attack. Even, it can’t identify the resource of the viruses and fails to repair the affected area of the system through the complete scanning process.
  • Many times, the scanning process of the antivirus stops responding. Moreover, you may often see that while trying to run your Avast, your Mac system is freezing frequently.
  • You may also see that even after scanning your Mac, the Avast window is displaying no threat. But, after a few moments, the window again appears on your Desktop and showing an alert about the Antivirus problem.
  • Most of the times, you may find that some of the websites are blocked, and you won’t be able to access your favorite sites.

Know How To Disable Avast Easily

Try out the solutions from here and check if the steps are efficient enough to disable Avast successfully.

Temporarily Disabling Avast

This is the procedure that you can try out in order to disable Avast temporarily on your system. First, you have to tap on the Avast icon and right-click on it. Here, you will get a pop-up menu along with several options. There you have to select “Avast Shields Control” from that menu.

By hovering the mouse pointer on the above option, another menu will be shown. Now, choose the option of the duration of the disabling time. Now select the option “Disable permanently” from that menu and tap on “Yes” to confirm the process in the Confirmation dialogue box. .

Permanently Turn Off Avast

In case you are willing to disable Avast permanently on your PC, apply the solutions from below as per your Operating System.

Disable Complete Avast Security In Windows OS

First, hover your mouse pointer on Avast software and right-click on “Avast” icon. Here, you will get a menu where you have to select “Avast Shields Control” from this menu. Now, you have to select the time durations which considers the disable time limits. After that, you are asked to confirm the time durations where you have to tap on “Yes” to complete the disabling process.

Disable Individual Avast Antivirus Shields

Again, tap on the “Avast” icon and right click on it. Here, you will get a pop-up menu where you have to select “Avast User Interface”. After that, go to the Settings menu and choose the option “Components”. Under this item, you will get a list of shields such as Mail shield, file related shield, and Web shield, etc. Now, you have to enable those parts by clicking on “On next” to each field.

Now, you can confirm the duration of the disable time. So, choose any of the options as you want to set as security disable time. Finally, click on “OK” to confirm the Avast turn off process.

How To Disable Avast on Mac

If you are a Mac user and use Avast antivirus software as a system security, then you may encounter a lot of Avast issues. So, you may use the following steps to resolve the Avast issues and clear your doubt on how to disable Avast efficiently.

First, type “Avast” in the search box and open the Avast Security software Window. Or, you can open the antivirus Window by tapping twice on the Avast icon at the right corner of the taskbar. Secondly, here you will get some of the menus at the left pane of the Window, Choose “Preferences” from the bottom of the pane.

After that, you will get the different shields. You have to click the individual “Disable” tab beside all the shields like File shields, Web shields, and File system Shield, etc. Then, it will ask you to put the administrator password before disabling. Therefore, your Antivirus will be turned off from your Mac devices permanently.

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