The chances of getting a severe virus issue are quite rare on iPhone. However, if you are still getting viruses on your favourite gadget, this article can be really helpful. Mostly, your iPhone can get infected with a treat when you click on malicious links on your device. Sometimes, you can even invite virus infections, just by installing a third-party software from an unreliable source. It doesn’t even matter from where these viruses have entered your iPhone, but must fix it soon. So, if you are looking for helpful methods to know how to remove virus from iPhone, follow this article.

Check Out These Easy Fixes To Remove Virus On iPhone

If you are dedicated to knowing how to remove virus from iPhone, go through these following methods.

Method 1: Apply Factory Reset On Your iPhone

By resetting your iPhone, you can remove every sort of viruses infecting your gadget. This method is not only going to clear the virus but the entire device data. So, before applying this fix, you can create a backup of the important files on external storage devices. Otherwise, you can also use the backup features from iCloud and iTunes to store necessary iPhone data.

To apply this solution, go to iPhone ‘Settings’, scroll down to ‘General’ and click on the ‘Reset’. Below this option, you have to tap on ‘Erase all contents and settings’. Then enter your password to confirm the step to delete iPhone contents. After this, your gadget will start the process of resetting and remove viruses from its database.

Method 2: Clean Browser History And Corrupt Web Pages

While browsing the internet, your iPhone browser can get infected with virus and malware from various websites. So, if you observe too many pop-ups appearing on the iPhone screen, its a clear sign of virus attacks on your browser. To remove this, open ‘Settings’ on iPhone and click on the Internet Browser. Then access its menu and select ‘Clear history and website data’ to delete the virus content in the browsed pages.

Method 3: Remove Malware Disguising As Apps

Not every app in the iPhone Play store is a genuine one and sometimes, you can hit the tab of ‘Install’ for a corrupt product. So, if your iPhone has got viruses due to installing a malicious software, you must remove it immediately.

To delete the malware, open the Apps and locate the infected program. Then touch on the app and wait until it jiggles. Then click on the cross mark on the upper-left of the iPhone app.

Method 4: Restore iPhone Backup Without Viruses

Sometimes, backing up your iPhone to a previous known configuration can fix the issue. Hence, you can restore your iPhone backup to delete the suspected viruses. For applying this method, you can use iTunes or iCloud on your PC and connect it to the iPhone.

If you are using iCloud, go to ‘Apps & Data’. Then locate the option of iCloud Backup and touch the Restore tab. So, log into your iCloud by entering the password and select ‘Choose backup’. Then choose the most appropriate iCloud backups to restore your iPhone and delete recent viruses.

For iTunes users, you can also launch it and on your PC. Then click on the icon of iTunes and go through the Summary on the sidebar. After this, select ‘This computer’, as it appears under the option of creating a backup automatically. Make sure to check the box beside Encrypt iPhone backup, as it will restore all the passwords and necessary data. Finally, tap on ‘Done’ when the restoring is complete and hopefully, there will be no more viruses.

Method 5: Apply The Recent iPhone Update

You can resolve most virus and malware issues by keeping your iPhone firmware update. If you are getting viruses on your favourite gadget due to outdated updates, applying this method can fix the issue immediately. So, click on iPhone ‘Settings’ and locate the option of ‘General’. Then scroll down to Software Update and check the version of firmware available for your iPhone.

Finally, tap on the ‘Install now’ option and your gadget will search for the latest software update available online. After installation, it can fix bugs if effective enough in removing viruses from iPhone.