Avast Mail security provides protection against phishing emails, spam emails, and fraud advertising. To show that the outgoing emails are safe, Avast adds a short signature to your Gmail account. This checks the outgoing emails from your system. But you can switch the signature on or off whenever you wish to. So, if you want to know how to remove Avast from Gmail, you can follow this article and carry out the task correctly.

The experts recommend that you should not open any suspicious email address, links leading to fake sites and other spam emails because it may compromise the privacy of your data.

Why Do You Need To Delete Avast Gmail?

You can receive deceiving messages from various sources through your Gmail. Hence, you will need to attach Avast extension to your Gmail for preventing spam emails. Nonetheless, if such extensions do not work correctly owing to incompatible with your browser, then you may think of removing it.

How To Remove Avast from Gmail: Easy Procedures

Avast is considered to be one of the best antivirus software globally. No doubt, they provide one of the best security services to their customers. Furthermore, they have added a new feature in 2015 which is Mail shield because they wanted to enhance the security of their customers. It protects you from “black hat” hackers who are out there trying to gather your financial information.

You can add Avast short signatures to your Gmail account and can remove them too as per your requirements. In this context, we shall look into the procedures that answer how to delete Avast Gmail. Follow the steps sequentially and get the job done quickly.

For The Latest Avast Version

At the very first instance, open the Avast antivirus application and search for the settings menu that is present in there.

Next, go to the General menu tab, and there, you will find the option Enable Avast email signature. Uncheck that option and hit the OK button. Restart your system after that.

For Older Versions Of Avast

Open the Avast antivirus application. Go to the settings menu. Under the settings window, navigate to the Active Protection tab. Click Customise which is present next to the Mail Shield tab. Select the Behaviour tab and then, uncheck the option Insert note into the clean message(outgoing).

If you follow the above methods correctly, then you can definitely remove the Avast extension from Gmail. However, if you have any doubts regarding any step given above, then you can get in touch with our support team. Get their assistance if you are stuck because they will help you to overcome any issue.

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