Avast error code 7005 creates scanning problems and can affect the files in the primary disk storage. Many have faced the symptoms in the form of programs getting crashed, error 7005 popping up frequently, slow performance of the system, OS getting crashed, and so on. 

The reasons behind this error are corrupted system files, incomplete installation of the Avast software, corrupted registry settings, and many more. This somehow leads to incomplete scanning of your system, which is not at all a good sign.

Here, we will discuss the solutions to overcome this Avast scan error in the Macintosh Operating system. Hence, Mac users are specifically requested to follow the solutions carefully.

Solutions to Fix “Avast Error Code 7005”

The symptoms and underlying problems of Avast error code 7005 have been discussed above. Now, the primary procedures to fix this issue are as follows:

Exclusive Tips for Mac Users

You can refer these steps if experiencing “Avast scan on Mac not completing due to error code 7005” issue. 

  • Turn on your Macintosh-based computer and make sure that you are the Admin of your device. If not, fetch the password from your Administrator and log in to your computer.
  • Now, tap on the Start icon and find the “Accessories” option. Then, click on it and go to the “System Tools” option.
  • From System Tools folder, click on the System Restore icon and a new window will appear.
  • Click on the appropriate option to select “Restore My Computer at the Earliest Time” option and click “Next”.
  • Now, confirm all the changes in your computer by clicking “Next” and wait for the restoration to be completed. 
  • Reboot your computer.

There are also other generic solutions to resolve this Avast scan problem. They are as follows:

Fix 1: Remove and Reinstall the Anti-Virus

If you are facing Avast error code 7005 repeatedly, then you can reinstall your antivirus application. The steps are:

  • Go to the Applications folder on the top-left portion on your screen and double-click on the Avast icon to open it. Now, select “Uninstall Avast Premium Security” from the list and wait a few seconds for the dialog box to appear.
  • Click on the “Uninstall” tab in the dialog box. Following this, another dialog box will appear asking for your PC’s Admin username and password. 
  • Provide the correct username and passcode to remove Avast software. Then, click on the “OK” button to proceed and wait for the uninstallation process to be completed.

Once done, click on the “Quit” button. Now, install a fresh Avast.dmg file in your system by following the instructions given below:

  • Go to the “Download” section of the official Avast website and click on the free download option. 
  • Wait for the “.dmg” file to download. After that, click on the downloaded file and install the security program.
  • Now, reboot and scan your computer and try to launch Avast.

In case any incomplete installation has caused this error, the above-discussed process will fix the issue.

Note: Deleting or moving the Avast security icon to Trash doesn’t uninstall the application.

Fix 2: Clear Corrupted Registry Settings

Avast scans all the primary and secondary storage areas of your computer to detect possible threats. Hence, corrupted files in the registry (part of the primary storage) may prevent Avast to scan your system. To fix this scanning issue, you can use any secured third-party registry cleaner to clean all unwanted junk files. After repairing all the damaged files, hopefully, Avast won’t display error code 7005. 

Wrap Up

We hope that the solutions given above will fix this Avast scanning problem. Besides, always try to use a licensed version of Avast Antivirus to keep your PC safe from all kinds of threats. 

It is recommended that before shutting down your computer, run a full system scan. This is to remove any threats that might arrive while you are working on your PC. 

To know more about resolving Avast error 7005 or any other antivirus issues, post your requirements in the 6comments below.