Avast Error 557 is also known as Runtime Error. When you see this error message, it mainly occurs when your Avast application crashes.  Unless you fix it, Avast Antivirus won’t work properly on your device. 

In this article, we will help to solve the Avast Antivirus issue that’s generating the error 557. This error can appear on your screen when you are installing the antivirus program. 

There are other reasons for this error message to pop up on your screen as well. Hence, we will discuss the causes and the solutions to the problems in this particular article. 

Symptoms and Causes Of Error Code 557 in Avast

The error message can appear anytime on the screen. Deletion of files and the creation of some new files are the common symptoms of the virus invasion in Avast. But, it can also take place due to Runtime Error Code 557. 

Sometimes, a poor Internet connection can also indicate this Avast error code. 

Top Reasons

Incompatible programs running at the same time can be the cause of this Runtime Error.  

If there isn’t enough memory or there’s a virus attack, you can stumble upon Avast error 557.

A bad graphics driver or improper installation of Avast can produce this error code.

If your PC is facing all these issues, it does not necessarily mean the symptoms of error 557. It can be something else, which can be confirmed by consulting a professional. 

Steps You Need To Follow To Solve Avast Error 557 

You can repair Avast error code 557 easily. Here, we will explain some ways to fix this Avast error. 

Process 1: Close Conflicting Programs 

When a few programs conflict with each other, you can see the Runtime error message. Hence, you need to check and stop the conflicting program. 

To do that, you need to open the Task Manager( Ctrl-Alt-Del). Task Manager will display the list of programs running at the moment in your system. To stop these programs, you need to get to the “Process” tab. 

Now, stop all the programs one by one by choosing the “End Process” button. Also, check whether the error message is displayed after you stop each process individually. That will help you in identifying the conflicting program. As soon as you identify the application, follow the next step mentioned below. 

Process 2: Update / Reinstall Conflicting Software

If any specific software is interfering with Avast and causing error 557, you can try this method. We have mentioned the process using Control Panel and for different windows versions. 

For Windows 7: 

Go to the Start option and click on Control Panel and Uninstall. 

Windows 8: 

Hit the Start icon and click on the “More Settings”. Proceed to Control Panel and press “Uninstall” by scrolling down. 

Windows 10:

In the search box, type Control Panel and then click “Uninstall a program”. You have to click on the problematic program in the “Programs and Features” section, where you will see the option “Update” or “Uninstall”. 

For applying an update, you need to follow on-screen prompts to complete the process. However, for uninstalling a program, follow the prompt to remove it and then reinstall the application.  

Process 3: Update Windows and Antivirus Application

Updating the programs and applications can resolve this Avast error code. So, scan your PC and always keep your antivirus program updated. For this purpose, you can also rely on Windows Update. So, type this feature in Windows search and install the latest updates. 

For updating Avast Antivirus, launch the application and locate the ‘Update’ section. Here, you can find the appropriate option to obtain the newest antivirus updates for Avast. 

Process 4: Re-install Runtime Libraries

To uninstall the current package and install a fresh copy, you need to go to the “Programs and Features”. Now, look for the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package and highlight it. 

Reboot your computer, once you are done with uninstalling the application by clicking on “Uninstall” from the top of the list. Then, download the latest redistributable package from Microsoft and install it. 

Process 5: Run Disk Cleanup

Low space on your PC can give rise to Runtime error or Avast Error 557. To free some space, clear the cache and reboot your computer. So, run “Disk Cleanup” by clicking on Properties. Then, select the cleanup option from the “C:’ directory or wherever the tool is saved. 

Also, do not forget to backup your important files before applying this solution. 

Process 6: Reinstall Graphics Driver

In case, this error is occurring due to graphics-related problems, uninstall the display driver and reinstall it. You can follow the steps discussed in process 2 for removing the graphics driver. 

After uninstalling the graphics software, restart PC. Open Device Manager and find “Display adapters”. Now, click on the video card driver and choose the ‘Update the driver” option. Restart your PC and check the error condition with Avast. 

Process 7: Re-configure Internet Explorer 

If you are facing the error due to problems with the Internet Explorer, you need to reset it. 

To reset your web browser, follow these steps: 

For Windows 7- Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset. 

For Windows 8 and 10- Click on the Search bar > type “Internet Options” > press “Advanced” tab > Reset. 

To disable the script debugging and error notifications, follow this instruction: 

From the “Internet Options” window, go to the “Advanced” tab and try to find “Disable script debugging”. Select the radio button and deselect “Display a notification about every script error”.

Apply the changes and press OK. Reboot your system and launch Avast. 

Process 8: Repair Registry Entries Causing Error 557

To manually repair the registries, go to the Start button and type “ Command” in the search box. Then, open the prompt box by pressing “CTRL + Shift” and press “Enter”. When the prompt box appears on the screen, you will have to click on “Yes”. 

Next, type “regedit” and click the “Enter” tab. Also, backup the registry before making any further modifications. You will have to select “Export” from the file and save the backup in the “Save-in” list.  Save it after you click on the “Selected branch”. Your Avast’s registry entries now have a backup, which you can restore after repairing them. 

Final Verdict 

Avast error 557 is also known as Runtime error, therefore, do not worry if you get solutions for this specific name. This is a fixable error and you can fix it with some simple and easy steps. 

To resolve Error 557, these are tried and tested solutions that you can rely upon. You can try all of them and check what works best for you. Also, write to us about your troubleshooting experience in the comment section below. 

If you are aware of any other method that can solve the issue, please do mention that in the box below. 

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