There are innumerable antiviruses available in the market, Avast is one of the leading brands in the market. Avast antivirus works on almost every machine. It is made of lots of advanced tools and programming in order to provide the best virus protection. Apart from that, it also looks into the execution speed and usability on several versions of your Windows Operating System. Basically, this security software works both like an antivirus and anti spyware. Moreover, it can scan both the home networks and protects your login details from hackers to secure online banking and purchases. But as we all know, even the best of the antiviruses can have some glitches. Often users complained that their Avast antivirus not working. Go through this write up to know about some useful fixes with which you can resolve the issue quickly.

How Avast Recognise Computer Virus?

Well, it is a very common issue for Avast antivirus users. The best approach to recognise whether your system is infected by any virus is to run a full scan. Apart from that, there are some ways to prevent virus are.

  • You have to ignore programs which are coming from an unknown source.
  • Without knowing or scanning virus, don’t open any attachments from undesirable email.
  • Download the application that you need from an authenticated website or any official website.
  • You can secure your cell phone by using Avast free mobile software.
  • Scan your device on daily basis by using an antivirus.
  • After scanning, delete all the threats from your system.

Reasons Behind Avast Antivirus Not Working Issue

There are several reasons behind this annoying issue. In order to fix the problem, you need to know what caused it first. Some of the common reasons are as follows.

Avast Antivirus Installation Error

If you haven’t installed the Avast antivirus properly, then due to incomplete installation it can cause Avast antivirus not working.

System Crashes After Installing The Antivirus

Improper installation of the software can cause system crashing. On the other hand, if any one of the system files is corrupted then also this issue can occur.

Antivirus Update Issue

If the antivirus is outdated, then Avast antivirus not working issue can occur.

Avast Software Freezing Problem

This is basically a driver corruption problem. Similarly, overheating can also be a reason behind the software freezing problem. Well, the system drivers are the basic building blocks of software that allow one hardware device to communicate with another device. Common problems under this can be –

  1. License subscription and renewal problems
  2. System configuration problem because of internet and external devices
  3. Website blocking problems

Insufficient Storage Space

Actually, this is a very common error message and it occurs when the Avast antivirus database is not updated for more than a month. It occurs mostly on older versions of the Windows OS. If this problem occurs then visit the Avast antivirus official web page and download the whole database after clearing the storage space and do a complete installation.

Installation Issue

For any software, installation is the most important part. Sometimes you can face some problems while installing the Avast antivirus. This will cause many problems in near future, that’s why it’s better to resolve the issue right away.

Avast Updates Frequently

To use any software smoothly, updating is a crucial part. For any antivirus, this updates consists many latest things which improve the security measures. But in Avast antivirus, it takes updates frequently day after day, which can irritate you.

Upgrade The Antivirus

Many Avast antivirus users face problem at the time of upgrading the software. This update procedure is pretty much tricky if you can’t do that.

Unable To Uninstall The Avast Antivirus

There could be various reasons why you choose to uninstall the Avast antivirus. But sometimes it can create some issues in your system, at the time of uninstalling. Don’t try to uninstall it forcefully, it may cause some serious issues. So, it’s better to avail some professional help.

Firewall And Network Security Problems

Firewall connects the hardware and software of your device. If the firewall of your device gets damaged then it may create these problems in your system. Sometimes the network also creates some problems, as it is very essential for antivirus too.

Database Problems

Every antivirus has a different virus database, by using this they search for the virus inside your system. Avast antivirus has also a huge database of virus and malware. In any case, the database file gets damaged then it may create problems in your device.

How To Solve Avast Antivirus Not Working Issue

Virus and malware never inform you when they are going to attack your computer. Malware is basically malicious software. It can damage your secured data and harm your system. Users often ask why is my Avast antivirus not working? Here are some solutions to this particular issue.

Reboot Your System

To restart your system first, close all the programs that are running background and then select the restart option.

Clean Boot Your Machine

This clarification allows you to begin Windows 10 using programs and drivers. Apart from that, software application conflict may also block Avast updates. Have a look at the steps written below:

  • First, write System Configuration in the search bar and press the Enter option.
  • Then, inside the Services tab, you can select the ‘Hide all Microsoft services check box’ options and hit the disable option.
  • Now, on the Startup tab, open Task Manager.
  • On the Startup tab in Task Manager, you can select the all items section and hit the disable icon.
  • Close the Task Manager and on the Startup tab of the System Configuration dialog box and click the ok option.
  • Finally, reboot your computer, in order to update Avast antivirus.

Even after following the steps if you are not able to understand the procedure to resolve Avast antivirus not working issue, then you can contact us Avast Service for an instant solution.