Norton is one of the best-known antivirus tools that protect your data from external threats which is entering through the internet. It provides the benefit of email spam filtering and phishing protection. Though Norton antivirus is of uttermost importance in the users’ life, sometimes, it seems to be a problematic one. It can interfere with the installation of other software applications. When the trial period of Norton gets over, it asks you for subscribing it. Therefore, you may want to disable Norton. It is not so easy to disable this antivirus because of several aspects. But once you know how to disable Norton, you can safely remove it from your PC.

Why Is It Difficult To Disable Norton?

Below are the most significant factors which make it difficult to uninstall Norton:

  • It becomes troublesome if you don’t know how to disable Norton, especially when you do not download or install it correctly on your computer.
  • When you install another antivirus on your PC, it may interrupt the uninstallation of Norton.
  • When you install some programs on your PC, they often tend to hamper the deactivation of Norton.
  • Third-party software or Firewall settings may not match with the settings of Norton antivirus and can cause an issue.
  • Virus or malware present on your system can corrupt Windows Registry and prevents you from disabling Norton.
  • When you do not uninstall an application entirely from your computer, its remaining files, and folders can restrict you from disabling Norton.
  • Finally, the problem arises when the existing version of Windows and Operating System are incompatible with Norton.

How To Disable Norton Manually?

Follow the methods mentioned below for uninstalling Norton from your PC.

Method 1

Click on the Norton icon on your Windows desktop. If you do not find the icon, then search it under hidden icons. Right-click on the antivirus and select ‘Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect.’ You can choose the duration for which you want to keep Norton disabled. If you wish to re-enable Norton afterward, then right-click on it and  select ‘Enable Antivirus Auto-protect.’

Method 2

  1. Open Control Panel and choose either ‘Programs and Features’ or ‘Add or Remove Programs.’ Now, find Norton antivirus and right-click on it to select ‘Uninstall.’
  2. You will get an option to select your uninstall preference. If you want to keep an opportunity to reinstall Norton, then choose your preference to reinstall the antivirus. On the other hand, if you want to remove this antivirus permanently from your system, then delete all settings, preferences, and files.
  3. After that, a window appears which asks you to choose whether you want to keep your Norton identity safe or not. If you do not want this password manager to keep your Norton identity safe, then click ‘No thanks.’ Then, wait for a few minutes until the uninstall gets completed.

As soon as your computer completes the uninstallation, restart your PC. It helps your PC to activate the changes made after the uninstallation. Reboot your system and Windows informs you if you have disabled Norton successfully from your PC.

Method 3

Open Applications folder and select Norton Internet Security. Right-click on it and choose ‘Uninstall.’ Windows will ask you to enter your administrator login credentials to log in as an administrator. Enter them to continue with the removal process. After your computer has uninstalled Norton entirely from your PC, restart your computer. It will bring the uninstallation of Norton into effect.

Method 4

Click Norton icon located on your Windows desktop. Right-click on it and select ‘Norton Antivirus Options.’ Now, choose the ‘Miscellaneous’ option and unselect the checkbox beside ‘Turn Office Plug-in On.’ Within a few minutes, Norton antivirus will be removed from your PC.

These are the four easiest ways that answer how to disable Norton from your computer. Therefore, you can try them out to end your hurdle with disabling Norton.

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