Avast firewall is just a part of the Avast security applications. Avast firewall monitors the incoming and the outgoing traffic in your system. It protects you from unknown websites and fraudulent web pages. You can browse the net or surf the internet safely with the help of Avast firewall security. However, your query regarding how to disable Avast firewall may arise due to various reasons. The experts from multiple departments do not recommend users to disable their firewall protection because it can put their privacy into risk.

How To Disable Avast Firewall?

In this section, we shall discuss the possible reasons, that you might be facing with the Avast firewall. Check if you are stuck with the below issues and can resolve your query regarding how to turn off Avast firewall.

Collision With Other Firewall

Many users have reported that when two third-party Firewalls interfere with each other, it results in exceptions. So if you have another third-party firewall installed in your machine, then you have a high possibility of encountering this obstacle.

False Positives

False positives are very much popular among the Firewall applications. In this case, the firewall applications may block the websites that you trust. This is because of Avast firewall blindly checks for the certificate in a website and if not found, then the site gets the tag of a suspicious website. So when you are trying to open a website that you know, it can somehow get blocked by the firewall.

Firewall tends to differentiate a good website from a bad one by scanning the packets that pass through it. So it will block those applications whose information contained in the packet are a bit suspicious.

Check out the methods that are given below and learn how to turn off Avast firewall in a very short time frame.

How To Disable Avast Firewall | Methods To Solve

Watch out for the steps mentioned below that you can use to get an appropriate answer to your question regarding how to disable Avast firewall. Here we shall take into account two different methods to do so.

Method 1: Permanently Disable The Avast Firewall

Start the Avast application first. Then hit the Settings option. Navigate to the Active Protection tab and search for the option of Firewall. On the Firewall option, look for the ON switch which is present at the right side of it. Click on the same and when the drop-down menu appears, you will find three different options. The options are Stop for 10 minutes, Stop for 1 hour or Stop until restart of the computer. Select Stop permanently option.

Click OK to apply the changes you have made.

Method 2: Add Avast Firewall Exceptions

Go to Avast software and press on Tools option. Tap on the Firewall tab and select Application Rules. Open New Group and enter any name of the group that you may feel like. Then hit the Enter button. Now, tap on the New Application Rule and choose the newly formed group.

Next, you need to browse to the location where that particular application is present and select the application’s executable file. Left-click on it and then hit Open. You will find the application in the selected group. Then click next to the application, click and drag the file over the orange bars unless your mode turns to ‘All Connections’. Now click on Close to apply the changes.

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