Viruses are kinds of malicious software or a set of codes which were developed to break the security system of a machine and get its access. It generally uses the internet as a medium to spread. Viruses generally cripple down the system slowly. Moreover, it can also get access to your personal data. It is dangerous if viruses infect your iPhone. Though iPhone comes up with the top-quality codes, a virus can spread through the internet. In such cases, you might ask how to clean virus off iPhone. Removing the virus from the iPhone is very important. This is because your iPhone needs to be working perfectly every time.

Reasons For The Query How To Clean Virus Off iPhone

Point out the reasons for how to clean virus off iPhone. Detecting the cause of the problem helps in resolving the issue faster. Take a look at some of the frequently occurring causes.

If you are using an internet connection from an unknown source then viruses might attack your device.
Also, if you visit malicious websites repeatedly, you can face virus issues on your iPhone.
If you connect a virus affected memory card then the iPhone might have some virus in it.
Moreover, a virus can reach your iPhone through an external device like a flash drive or through another phone.

How To Clean Virus Off iPhone: Get Easy Steps

If you are confident to resolve the issue on your own then have a look at the some of the easy hacks to fix the query how to clean virus off iPhone.

Remove Virus From Your Device

Restart the iPhone and then hold down the power button until the device turns off.  Now, hold the power button again for a few seconds to turn on the iPhone. Open Settings and start Safari. You need to remove the website data history. Go to the “Safari” and click on “Clear History and Website Data” option. Finally, tap on the Clear option. When the process ends, restart the device to take a backup.

For turning on the backup settings, click on the iCloud and then choose ‘Turn on backup’. Now scan your device with an third-party antivirus software and see if there are any virus attacks on your iPhone device.

Backup Your Device

Before performing a Factory reset it is necessary to store all the necessary files and data. If you haven’t done a proper backup of your essential items then all the vital data will get lost at the time of the reset. Hence we recommend users to do a backup of your iPhone.
iCloud users need to head to the Settings tab. After that navigate to the Backup feature and enable the option. After that verify that when you have done the last backup. If you haven’t done any backup earlier then select Back Up Now option. Furthermore, iTunes users need to sync their iPhone to the PC or Mac for backup.

Factory Reset iPhone

After backing up all your essential data. Users need to perform the reset. If you implement this hack then it cleans your device entirely. So to reset, choose rest option from the iPhone’s settings. And you need to select the Contents and settings. After that type the password that you set in the message box. Then tap the Erase iPhone tab to reset the iPhone. When the factory reset is done your iPhone will revert to the previous version.