Virtual Private Network or VPN is a technology which provides a safe connection from a less secure network from the internet. If you are an Avast user and searching for solutions regarding how to cancel Avast VPN from your computer/ laptop, you can go through this article to fix the issue.

What Is Avast SecureLine VPN?

Avast security line VPN is a technology which allows users to connect to the internet through the secure VPN servers by an encrypted tunnel. Anytime whenever you are using the internet and want to get extra security and privacy, security line VPN has its uses. This is best suited for you if you are using public or unsecured network or may it be a wireless one.

As the name, Virtual Private Network says its whole meaning. VPN helps you to hide your location and the IP address of your system. This type of network is generally used by the security agencies or by some of the hackers who use this technology for some wrong deeds. By using the VPN network, anyone can hide their identity from everyone. To install the SecureLine VPN separate license is required other than the Avast license.

How To Install And Activate SecureLine VPN?

In Avast antivirus SecureLine VPN is present as default but a paid license of SecureLine VPN is required to activate it.

Now let us learn the process to connect to the SecureLine VPN.

To use the SecureLine VPN you need to open the Avast user interface.

  1. Under Avast user interface go to Privacy and then on SecureLine VPN.
  2. Now change the slider position to the opposite side to available the SecureLine VPN server.

Hook Up To A Different Location

In different locations, VPN servers are present, which provides the benefit to circumvent geolocation restrictions and access your favorite content while traveling.

To hook up to a different location follow the steps below:

  1. Avail the SecureLine VPN server by following the above steps. At the bottom, you will see a Change Location option. Hit on it.
  2. Now you can see the different country flags with their names beside it hit on your preferred country. After that select on Change location to confirm your settings.

How To Cancel Avast VPN From Your Computer?

You can go through the below steps to remove Avast Secureline VPN from your system.

  1. After going to the Start menu, look for the Control Panel which will generate on the right side. Then click on it to navigate to the Programs.
  2. Under Programs select on Programs and Features.
  3. Now you will be able to see all the programs which are installed in your system. Then select on the Avast free antivirus among the installed programs and right-click on it to get the uninstall/ change options.
  4. Then click on Change and select Next to go ahead for Avast Installer to show the installed components.
  5. After that remove the tick option from the Secure Line and hit on Next. This will save the changes with the Avast free antivirus.
  6. Once the changes are done, click on finish to complete the whole process.

The above defining procedures will help you to solve your queries regarding how to cancel Avast VPN from your computer/ laptop.

  • One thing you can note that the Avast SecureLine VPN  free service can be obtained for 24 hours by going through the process as discussed below.
  • Open Avast interface and then select on Security.
  • From Security go to the SecureLine option and hit on connect button on right side. After that click on 24 hours trial to available it for your system.

Update Avast To Cancel Avast VPN

This will be the more comfortable and effective way to how to cancel Avast VPN.

  1. To do this process at first, you need to open the Avast user interface and then click on Settings.
  2. Under Avast Settings click on the Components. Under Privacy hit on the down arrow option for security line VPN.
  3. After that click on Uninstall Components and then click on OK to do the process.

When the process is complete, try to restart your system to check if the changes are applied correctly.

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