The Avast produces an antivirus which can provide multi-layered protection to your device. When you are using it, sometimes you may find pop-ups appearing on the screen. If you are irritated with the pop-ups and want to know how to block Avast pop ups, go through the article to eliminate your worries.

The procedure of disabling the pop-up or the advertisement is very easy; you can perform it on your own. In case, you don’t know the correct method, you can take the help from the below-mentioned solutions.

Why Do You Need To Disable Avast Pop ups?

Whenever you turn on the internet connection, you may find pop-up is coming. Sometimes, it can affect your work badly. It may disturb you even. As the pop-ups are less important, you can disable it to work without disturbance. There can be some other reasons as well but you can troubleshoot your problem with the help of these solutions.

How To Block Avast Pop-Ups

There are some solutions which can help you to resolve the error. You can try them one by one until you satisfied with the perfect solutions regarding how to block Avast pop-ups.

Method 1: Disable Virus Definitions Update Pop-up Notification

If you are using an old version of Avast, then you may face the pop-up problem. The developers deleted the pop-ups from the 2015 version. However, to update the latest version of the Avast, you can open the Avast shortcut and move to the left side and select the Settings option. From there, choose the Menu update and search for the details screen. Now, disable the option of showing the notification after completion of the update. After that, you may find the pop-ups are not disturbing you.

Method 2: Disable The Avast Update Pop-up Notification

Whenever the Avast offers its users for an update, it keeps prompting that update like a pop-up. It will come until you update the software to the latest version. To update the most recent version, you can go to the Avast User Interface and select the settings. From there, you can upgrade the Avast software to the latest version. Alternatively, you can download it from the official website of the Avast. After completing the upgradation, you may find the answer regarding how to block Avast pop ups.

Method 3: Disable Software Updater Pop-up Notification

If you are using the versions  2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018 of Avast software, then you can turn off the Software Updater Notification in a simple way. To disable the notifications, you can go to the Avast interface, click on it. From the list go for Settings and then select the tools option. Now, you need to look for Software Updater and choose the option Customise. After that, disable the statement, Notifications (pop-ups) enabled and you may see the pop-ups are not coming.

Method 4: Disable Avast Secure Line VPN Pop-up Notifications

Since the Avast launched the Secure line VPN, the secure line shows the pop-up messages. Generally, it is for sales purpose or upgradation purpose. If you want to disable it, then follow the instructions. You need to go to the Settings option from the Avast user interface and click on the General option. Now, navigate to the pop-ups and unchecked the box of the statement Show popup offers for other Avast products. Finally, try to use the software and you may see the pop-ups are not disturbing you.

Method 5: Disable Sales Or Upgrade Offer Pop-ups

You may need to disable the sales promotion and the upgradation messages to get rid of the pop-ups. If you disable it, then you may not get the update notification instantly. Then to find the latest update of the software, you have to visit the official website. You can disable these pop-ups just like the previous method. If you are unable to block it, then you can connect with us.

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