Are you finding the Malwarebytes slowing down on Windows 10? Then, do not worry as you will be able to optimize the performance yourself. And all the instructions that you will need for that, you are going to find right here. 

Malwarebytes is a very useful security software that a lot of people use around the world. This helps them to keep their computer systems safe from different malware attacks. Thus, protecting system performance and all the data associated. 

But if you face performance problems like then that is going to leave your computer system vulnerable to security breaches. So, read further to find out the factors that are causing this problem, and how you can fix it. 

Reasons Why Malwarebytes is Slowing Down in Windows 10 

Before going on and listing the solutions that will help you fix the problem, there are a few things that we must discuss. These are the possible causes of the performance slowdown of Malwarebytes in your Windows 10 PC. 

Because if you have a proper understanding of the problem at hand, then you are going to find it much easier to apply all the technical solutions. 

Along with that, you will be able to work around any accidental technical glitch that might occur. So, check all of that information out in this section. 

Let us start by pointing out the most common reason that is an overload on the functional resources of the computer system. Things like this usually occur when you have been using Malwarebytes in that device for a long time.

 A lot of data accumulates in the system storage which can gradually be very taxing on the system to process. So, as a natural result of that, the program is going to slow down significantly. 

Then there can be corrupt system files, virus attacks that lead to important system problems. Of course, that can create much more significant problems as well, like stopping the program. But Malwarebytes slowing down Windows 10 is very much possible. 

These are the primary reasons why you find Malwarebytes to be slowing down in the system. Now, we are good to go ahead and work with the solutions to this problem. 

Process to Fix Malwarebytes Slowing Down Windows 10 [Step by Step] 

Here, you are going to find the entire step by step process to help you optimize the performance of Malwarebytes. Carefully read through this and then execute to finish the job in the simplest possible manner. 


  • On the home screen of the computer system, locate the Malwarebytes icon and double-click on it. It will bring up the Malwarebytes Control window. 
  • Find out where the Settings section is and click on it to expand. In it find your way to the Web Protection section. 
  • As you find that, look for the toggle switch next to that. Set it to Off and then get out of that section. 
  • Now, look for the Scan Status section, which is going to be on the right side of the screen, click on it to open that window. 
  • There you are going to find the Updates option. Click on it to look for any updates that are currently available. 
  • Wait as the program identifies any new updates, and that is going to come up on the screen. 
  • Select the update and wait for the updating process to complete. Malwarebytes is also going to get the new database along with the updates. 

As you have completed all of these steps, make sure to restart your computer to check for performance. 

On this note, we must mention that you might need to restart your computer system more than once. This is going to ensure the system is completely stable and works well. 


Thus, after you have carried out all the instructions we have laid down, you will see that the Malwarebytes program is going to work again properly. And there will not be any performance issues with other programs on the system. 

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