Malwarebytes error code 403 is commonly known as a runtime error. This occurs if any crucial file gets deleted or due to incompatible programs run at the same time on the device. 

It can also happen if there is a lack of memory space. Basically, an error notification appears without any prior warning. You may note that certain new files are appearing instantly. You may also note that there is a sudden drop in the network connectivity.

Whatever be the cause or symptom, this problem must be fixed at the earliest. Simply go through this guide and learn the top-notch hacks that can eliminate all risk. 

3 Steps to Fix “Malwarebytes Anti Malware Activation Error Code 403”

If you are encountering the Malwarebytes error code 403, then you have to follow the below-mentioned methods to get rid of the issue.

Method 1: Close the Conflicting Programs from the System

When you come across the Runtime error, you have to keep in mind that it is occurring due to conflicting programs. The only way out is to stop the conflicting programs. 

Now, to stop the conflicting programs, you have to perform the following steps to get rid of the issue.

  • First, you have to press the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys together to open the Task Manager. You will now see the list of programs that are running currently in the Windows system.
  • Now, you have to visit the Processes tab to stop the malicious programs. Stop the programs one after one. You have to click the End Process option to close all the malicious programs.
  • You will get the Malwarebytes anti-malware activation error code 403 messages every time you will try to end the process.
  • Once you will get to know which program is causing an issue, you can go ahead to the next method to reinstall the programs that were not triggering the problem.

Method 2: Reinstall the Runtime Library

If you are still getting the Malwarebytes error code 403 in the device, you have to perform the steps mentioned below. This error can have an association with the MS Visual C++ package. 

If the package is not installed properly, you can encounter this error. The only way to solve the issue is to uninstall the current package that is running in the device. And then reinstall the package.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall the MS Visual C++ Package?

You have to go to the Control Panel and navigate to the ‘Programs and Features’ section. Now try to find the “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistribution Package”.

You have to tap on the “Uninstall” option. When you are done, you have to restart the computer. Next, you have to download the latest distribution package from Microsoft’s official site. After downloading the package, you have to install it on the device.

Now, check if the error is still there. And if you find that the error still persists then you have to move to the next method that is mentioned below. 

Method 3: Run Disk Cleanup

You can also encounter the Malwarebytes error code 403 if there is less space available on the computer. Due to a lack of appropriate space, certain applications fail to execute the commands. This is what happens in the case of Malwarebytes application. 

Now, you need to run a Disk Cleanup to free up space. Simply follow the steps mentioned below:

Windows 7 

If you are a Windows 7 user, you have to first go to the Start menu. From there choose the “All programs” option. Now, tap on the “Accessories” option and then go to the “System Tools”. Now, click on the “Disk Cleanup” option. Select the files that you want to delete from the “Files to Delete” section. Now, click on the “OK” button to finish the Cleanup process.

Windows 8

If you are a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 user, you have to perform the following steps:

  • First, you have to go to the Settings, from there go to the Control Panel. Now, go to the Administrative Tools and click on the Disk Cleanup option. 
  • Choose the drive that you want to run in the Disk Cleanup tool. Next, you have to choose the files and folders that you want to remove. 
  • Hit the “OK” button next, after choosing the files. Finally, delete the files to get rid of the error issue. 

Windows 10

If you use Windows 10, you have to perform the following steps to perform a Disk Cleanup:

  • First, you have to type “Disk Cleanup” in the Start Search box. Now, choose the Disk cleanup application from the list of the results. 
  • Next, choose the drive that you want to clean up and then tap on the “OK” button.
  • Choose the files that you want to delete under the “Files to Delete” section. Now, hit the “OK” button to end the process. 

Lastly, restart the computer and verify whether you were able to mitigate the risk of Malwarebytes error code 403.

Applying the following methods will help you to fix the error. If you still face any kind of issue regarding the Malwarebytes anti-malware activation error code 403, you share it through the comment section.