Numerous users are reporting that they are encountering Kaspersky error 27300 while installing klim6.sys_driver on their PC. This error appears for several reasons and needs quick solutions. Otherwise, it may hamper the security of your personal data. The upgraded apps on your iOS device can be incompatible with iTunes. An annoying error like this often prevents the normal functions of the PC. Moreover, it restricts the users from using other applications.

Symptoms Of Kaspersky Error 27300

  • The computer responds slowly to your commands.
  • The system lags behind and gets locked down automatically.
  • The PC keeps on crashing and displays some unknown signs.

Primary Causes Of Error 27300

  • Due to improper download of Kaspersky, users may get this error at the time of installing the application.
  • Corrupted Registry entries is another factor which can cause this issue.
  • A disrupted internet connection is a significant cause of the failed installation.
  • This error appears due to faulty device drivers.
  • You can face this error if your system lacks updated device drivers.
  • The existing version of Windows may not support the installation of Kaspersky.
  • Internal factors such as accumulation of junk files in the system can keep the installation process incomplete. As a result, you get error 27300 Kaspersky.

Excellent Methods For Eliminating Error 27300

Following are some of the easiest solutions that you can apply to fix the error code without much effort:

Repair the registries linked to error code 27300

Go to the Registry Editor section. Select the key linked to Kaspersky error 27300. Under the ‘File’ menu, select ‘Export.’ Now, select a location to save the backup key and rename the backup file. Then, go to the ‘Exchange range’ tab and choose the ‘Selected branch’ option and save the file.

Perform a malware scan of your PC

Since malware attack is one of the key reasons for this error, scan your system for malware. After that, delete the malware infected files and registries.

Clean out the junk files

Temporary files and folders accumulate on the PC due to regular use. So, a timely removal of these files is necessary to boost the performance of the computer.

Update device drivers 

Select ‘Device Manager’ and expand it to select your device from the list. Right-click on your device and select ‘Driver.’ Then, search for the updated driver and install it on your PC.

Windows System Restore

It helps to fix the problem when the recent system changes do not support the properties of Kaspersky software. Select ‘System Restore’ and enter the password of your computer. Now, follow the on-screen instructions to restore your system.

Install all the latest updates and perform a clean installation

When you type ‘Update’ in the search box, the Windows Update box appears. It will highlight if the latest updates are due. Then, click ‘install updates’ button to install the pending updates.

Uninstall the existing version of Windows and make a clean installation to fix this error. It is a time-consuming method and can affect your PC if you miss out even a single step. Therefore, you can avoid this risk by connecting with our Kaspersky Tech Support.

Uninstall and reinstall Kaspersky antivirus

Go to the ‘Control Panel’ and select ‘Programs.’ Now, select ‘Programs and features’ and look for error 27300 related programs. Click on Kaspersky linked entry and choose ‘Uninstall’ and follow the instructions. After removing Kaspersky successfully, download and reinstall it again on your PC.

Get In Touch With Our Experts

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