If you are frequently seeing the message of BitDefender Threat Scanner error on your PC, the associated Threat Scanner.dmp file can be the reason behind it. This .dmp file is present in the Temporary folder in your system and any issues with it can cause abrupt shutdown or restart error. The most annoying fact regarding this issue is that you don’t even have to install this antivirus program in order to get this error. So, even if you have never installed BitDefender in your computer, this Threat Scanner issue can pop up all the same. So, if you are looking for technical solutions to resolve this BitDefender error, check out this article for a few technical fixes.

How To Remove BitDefender Threat Scanner Error From Your PC

Whenever the BitDefender Threat Scanner issue occurs in your system, it generates a notification to report this issue. So, it states that a temporary file that contains information regarding BitDefender error is created in the Temp folder. Usually, it points to the path C:\Windows\TEMP\BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp where the details of the issue are stored. The notification can also recommend you to send this error report to the BitDefender developers to investigate the problem further. However, if you are sure that you have never installed this antivirus software on your PC, this error can appear if there is a corrupt or damaged file of Spybot. So, if you are facing this problem due to Spybot’s corrupted data, you can either fix it or replace the files to erase this BitDefender error notification message.

Remove BitDefender Threat Scanner Message By Applying These Methods

To make sure that your device doesn’t display BitDefender Threat error notification again, go through the following methods that can resolve this problem.

Method 1- Clear Error Components From Temp Folder

The notification message already suggests that the error files are present in the temporary folder in your system. Hence, it is easy for you to locate the BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp file from the Temp Folder section. You can verify that the file is problematic when you try to click or open it, as it will fail to load or can freeze your PC straight away. Hence, you must try to remove all the entries under the Temp folder and attempt to fix this error.

To do this in a proper manner, press ‘Windows+R’ buttons and write ‘temp’ in the search box. As you confirm this step by clicking ‘OK’, the temp folder will appear on your screen. Press ‘Ctrl+A’ keys at a time and it will select the entire list of temporary entries. After this, hit the ‘Delete’ button and it will erase all the files on this list. Then open the Run box, write ‘%temp%’ and hit ‘Enter’ key. Now, it will display the Temp folder under your User profile. Once again, select all the entries by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘A’ keys altogether, then press ‘Delete’. Finally, restart your computer and check if you are still getting BitDefender Threat Scanner error on shutdown.

Method 2- Run Patch Compatible With OS In Your PC

Not every patch works the same for all versions of OS. So, if you are facing this problem right after upgrading the BitDefender on your PC, you must download the appropriate patch and run it. Hence, first check out your system requirements and configuration, along with the OS version. Also, don’t forget to check if you are using the 64-bit or 32-bit system. Now, based on the architecture and version, choose the patch and run it on your computer.

Method 3- Repair Corrupted File Of Spypot

Some BitDefender antivirus users are getting this error due to issues in a third-party software in their PCs. Especially, after they have switched to v2.6 of this program, they are getting notification regarding the Bitdefender Threat Scanner.dmp files. However, if the executable file of this software gets corrupted somehow in your system. It can generate the error alerts on behalf of BitDefender. So, if you are sure that the problem is due to a third-party installation, then fix/uninstall it right now. But, before you follow the below instructions to remove this antivirus program from your system, make sure to restore important files from its Quarantine. As there can be files detected by a leading antivirus program as a threat but it can affect the functionality of other associated programs in your computer.

To fix Spybot issues, open the File Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\third-party antivirus.There can be other paths also and it depends on the version of security software you are using in your system. So, under the antivirus folder, look for the SDAV.dll file. In case this file is missing, it can be the reason why Bitdefender is corrupted. However, if you don’t find SDAV.dll file having 32 KB size, then it may be corrupted already. Hence, you can either download the accurate SDAV.dll or reinstall the third-party antivirus program in your computer to fix this problem.

Method 4- Uninstall BitDefender And Reinstall New

If you can’t remove BitDefender Threat Scanner error by the above fixes, the antivirus program can be the main cause. Hence, you can uninstall the program from ‘Control Panel’, then locate the BitDefender icon and right-click on it. Then click ‘Change/Uninstall’ the antivirus program and reinstall Bitdefender from a reliable source.

In Conclusion:

Hopefully, you can resolve the Threat Scanner error in BitDefender by following the above methods discussed in this article. However, if somehow it doesn’t work for you or there are some advanced errors causing a problem with BitDefender Threat Scanner, you can get in touch with us.