Bitdefender is an antivirus software which is developed to keep your system secure from cybercrime activities. However, if your system becomes slow, then Bitdefender error 1002 may be a cause for this issue. It may happen if any strong virus gets into your system or the version of your using Windows can also be a cause for this issue. If your system is constantly facing error 1002, then you can follow the instructions in this article to deal with it.

Due to this Bitdefender error, your system may get lacking throughout the time, which is the most disturbing effect of this problem. Even your system may crash due to this issue.

Common Reasons Behind Bitdefender Update Error 1002

There are several reasons for this error code, but the majors are as follows.

Virus Attack

If any infected files get into your system which is stronger and is impossible for the Bitdefender to recognize, then it may be the cause for this issue.

Version Of Bitdefender

If you are using an outdated version of the Bitdefender, then it also may be a reason for this error code.

Bitdefender Issue

If any of the Bitdefender files get lost from your system, then it may result in Bitdefender error 1002 problem.

Solutions Of Bitdefender Error 1002

Finally, here is the portion of this article by which you will be able to resolve this Bitdefender error 1002 problem in a go.

Run Windows Defender Firewall

As if your system gets infected then you can use the Windows Defender Firewall tool. This is an inbuilt tool which is present in every edition of Windows and is continuously running in the background. But a full scan will be the best option for removing the malicious files. It is a manual process which you need to run manually.

First, open Settings by pressing the Windows key and the letter I simultaneously. Then scroll down until you reach Update & Security option and run the tool. After that select on Windows Security from the left panel and next on Virus & Threat protection option.

After that click on “Run a new advanced scan”. Next, select on the Full scan under this Advanced Scans window. And then hit on Scan Now, it will start scanning your system. Wait until its over, this process will delete all the infected files if it finds any.

Use Disk Cleanup

Accumulation of junk files is also a cause for this error code. If your system is running through it, then you can try the process stated below.

To start this process at first go to the Windows search box and then type in “cmd.exe”. Then you will see that at the top of the search result Command Prompt is there. You need to right click on it and then select on the Run as administrator option. Further, you will see that the User Account Control window prompts, hit on Yes. After that enter the command “cleanmgr” on the blinking cursor and then press the Enter button to execute it. Another dialog box will pop out, choose the desired drive from the drop-down menu and then click on OK. Lastly, on the next appearing window, check every options and press on OK.

Run sfc/scannow Command

This sfc/scannow command is very useful to fix this Bitdefender error 1002. It will help to know you to about the faulty files which may be the reason for this issue. Now let us begin it.

Initially, open the Command Prompt as an Administrator and then after the blinking cursor type sfc/scannow and hit the Enter. It will start scanning your whole system and let you to know the real-time status, here you need to wait patiently.

Re-install Bitdefender Cyber Security

If this error is due to the lost file and the reason may be due to the reallocation issue, then the better option is to re-install Bitdefender. To start this process, you can go to apply the steps as mentioned below.

To begin with, you need to right-click on the four flag symbol Windows start button and then choose Settings. After that go to the Apps section and starts scrolling down until you reach the Bitdefender Total Security icon and select it. Now you will see the Uninstall option, hit on it. Then a window pop-up, you need to select on Uninstall box. This procedure will remove the Bitdefender from your system.

Now, you need to get the latest version in your system. When downloaded, install it on your system. Now, you may be able to use it flawlessly without any issue.

These are the effective procedures to resolve this Bitdefender error 1002, which may also work in your system.