Antivirus software is an absolute must for every computer/laptop user. And as such there are a lot of companies that make such software products. 

AVG happens to be one of the best antivirus systems that you can use to secure your computer. And they have a very big user base throughout the world, who use their premium line of software products. 

But no matter how many great features you can get from this, it is not going to be free of trouble completely. The AVG error code 0xe0010058 is one that you might face which indicates installation problems. 

Luckily, this is something that you will be able to fix all by yourself with proper technical instructions. Read through this article further to find out all of that. And also other necessary information that will help you solve the problem better. 

Causes Behind the AVG Error Code 0xe0010058 Problem 

If you have a good understanding of what problem you are dealing with, then it is going to be a lot easier for you to fix that. 

As the solutions are very technical and thus can be difficult for a non-tech savvy person to understand. But not if you know what the problem is and why it is occurring. And that is exactly the thing that we are going to discuss in this section. 

Now, as far as the indicators of this problem go, there are a few of them that you will find. First up, you might find that all of a sudden your PC has crashed. That can damage the software and along with that, all the other programs that are running. 

Again, the program window can crash as well which is going to damage the AVG antivirus. But the most common indicator is the frequent freezing of the computer system. All of these can occur because of the following reasons. 

  • Fault while downloading the software: If there happens to be some kind of fault during the downloading of the software, then that will create corrupt system files. These will either hinder the performance or shut it down altogether. 
  • Saturation of memory section: If there are a lot of junk files within the software storage, then that can also be a very pertinent reason for the problem. As it starts by slowing down processing and then give error messages. 
  • Virus breaches: Sometimes some viruses might get through the defense and infect AVG antivirus itself. That is also capable of creating problems in performance, leading to an error code issue like this. 

So, here you have the main reasons that cause the AVG install fails error code 0xe0010058 issue. 

How to Resolve the AVG Error Code 0xe0010058 Issue: 4 Easy Methods  

After discussing all the possible reasons why the AVG error code 0xe0010058 comes up, we are good to go ahead and check out 4 simple solutions that you can try. 

If you are sure what the exact cause of the problem is in your particular case, you will be able to go and apply the solution for that directly. Otherwise, just execute the solutions successively to fix the problem once and for all. 

Fix Up Entries in the Windows Registry 

Any issue with the registry entry files can cause problems like this. So, you will have to fix the problems that are here. Follow these steps to fix the registry entry files. 

  • On the home screen of your Windows PC, click on the Start option and select the search panel. 
  • Type in cmd.exe into the search panel and then press the Enter key to bring up the results. 
  • Now, from the list of the results that come up on the screen, select the Command Prompt option. 
  • In the Command Prompt window, type in regedit and press the Enter key after that. 
  • This is going to bring forth the Windows Registry Editor, and from the options that are available in the list. Select the key specific to the AVG error code 0xe0010058
  • After this, select the File option and then from there, select the Export option. 
  • Click the Save In list where you would want to save the key. Then, in the File Name Box section, enter the name of the backup file you want to. 
  • In the Export Range Box now, click on the selected branch option and then click on the Save option. Make sure to use a .reg file extension to save. 

Thus, with the backup in place, you will be able to fix the Registry Entries and fix the problem. But if this does not work, then go and apply the next solution from this list. 

Restore the Operating System 

You can use the System Restore feature of Windows to carry out this solution method. Here are all the steps that you are going to need to do that. 

  • Launch the Control Panel section from the search section of your home screen. 
  • Within that window, click on the System and Security section to expand it. Look for the System option and click on it to open that option window. 
  • To the left side of the screen,  you are going to find the link for System Protection. Click on it to open it up. 
  • As the System Properties window comes up, look for the System Restore option there. And as you find it in the System Protection tab, click to open it up. 
  • Click on the Next button after this and then click on the Restore system files and settings section. 
  • Pick the restore point for this operation from the list available and click on the Next button after that. 
  • Finally, confirm the system restoration process by clicking the Confirm option. To move out of that window,click on the Finish button. 

As you complete all of these steps, you will have to restart the computer system. And as it restarts after that, you will get the confirmation message. 

On a side note, you might get some permission dialogue boxes which you will have to confirm. And with all of that, you will be able to fix the problem. 

Run the Windows System File Checker 

Using the System File Checker to scan for problems and fixing it from there is very feasible. So, to run an SFC scan of your computer, here are the steps you will need. 

  • First, boot up your Windows PC and as it starts, click on the Windows key. 
  • In the text entry panel there, type in ‘command prompt’ and press the Enter key. From the list of results, select the Command Prompt option. 
  • Now, you will have to give it admin access. To do that, right-click on it select the Run as Administrator option from the dropdown list. 
  • Make sure to enter the specific password that you have set for admin access. 
  • Now, when the Command Prompt window comes up, type the sfc/ scannow command. Press the Enter key to start the scan. 

You will have to wait for some time for the scan to complete and as it does. Restart your computer and check if you are still getting the AVG error code 0xe0010058

Get Updates for the Device Drivers 

Out of date device drivers are another reason why you might face such an error code issue. That is why you will have to get the latest updates for the drivers. 

  • Click the Windows button from your home screen and type in ‘device manager’ in the search panel. 
  • Select Device Manager from the list of options that come up, to open up that window. 
  • Look for the antivirus driver category and double-click on it as you find it. 
  • Now, you will have to right-click on the AVG icon to bring up the drop-down list of options. 
  • Select the Update Driver option from there to start the process of updating. 
  • Click on the Search automatically for updated driver software option to look for updates. 

As the Update option comes up, click on it to start the process and wait till it completes. Then, just restart your computer to apply the new updates. 


As you apply the solutions, you will be able to troubleshoot the AVG error code 0xe0010058. And if you happen to have any questions regarding this, then post that question in the section below. And if you want articles such as this one, you can look through our website and find that.