Avast antivirus is one of the most reliable as well as free antivirus. But recently the users are complaining about the Avast Update Unknown Error. The difficulty is generally generated by DNS frames. It’s entirely feasible that the DNS address which was obtained automatically creates connectivity issues. It even introduces corrupted files and makes the system freeze.

If you are also experiencing a similar error while updating the antivirus then read this article and learn ways to fix the issue.

Step By Step Guide to Resolve Avast Update Unknown Error

Method 1: Alter The DNS

The DNS environments are unity of the most significant Internet association surroundings for network connectivity. The address is automatically obtained by default. The user is recommended to use the Google DNS and resolve the Avast update unknown error.

To start the process, unlock the device first. Press and hold the Windows logo key and along with that at the same time press R to open the Run dialog bar. In that dialog bar, type the command ‘ncpa.cpl’ also after the process, click on the OK option to begin the Internet link frames in the Command prompt.

A similar process can also be done manually. To start this process, select the View on the upper section of the screen and choose the Network and Internet Connections. Tick the Network and Sharing Center option and then alter the adapters positions by clicking on it. This operation will open a new popup Internet connection window. Scroll through the page and then right-click on the Active Network options. Select Properties and allow it to change the change the adapters.

Moreover, make sure you operate the device as the admin. Navigate to the location and then choose the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the record. Select the option and then press the Properties menu from the lower section of the page. Operate from the general tab and then via the Properties page find Use the following DNS server addresses and check if it’s enabled. In the DNS server address enter and set the Alternative DNS server and begin the procedure. Choose the Validate settings upon exit alternative and then select OK to save the changes. Restart the device when the process completes.

Method 2: Set Internet Settings

The Internet Explorers settings are essential no matter what connections the user use. This situation is because Internet Explorer connects with the proxy, DNS, and that might affect the Avast antivirus and might cause the unknown error.

Now to operate in this process, start Internet Explorer on the device and click on the Gear icon on the right-hand side. This operation will open a new pop up window. In that window, select the ‘Internet’ option and then choose Connection settings. If the access to the networks is closed, then use it via Control panel. To open the control panel, in the keyboard press and hold the Windows logo key and along with it press the R key. Type in the command ‘control.exe’ and after that press the OK option and run the command.

Promptly choose the View category menu from the top right-hand corner and later select the Network and Internet option from the list. In the drop-down box choose the Internet alternative and next start the Internet Explorer. Go to Advanced option, and select the Reset key to open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the box and then alter Personal settings. Once the process completes, then reset the Internet Explorer and later refresh the system.

Method 3: Check For Firewall Upgrades

Open the device and then open the click on the Start menu and from there choose the startup Control panel. Next, select the search bar and look for the Windows Defender Firewall. Now go to the Installed Avast and later scroll down to the Setup option. In the address bar search instup.exe and select the file. Now choose the Ok option and then reboot the device. Provide the system about 20 to 30 seconds to restart itself and as soon as the system restarts check if the unknown error still appears.