Avast error 42125 especially occurs while performing the boot scan by using this application. 

This error pops up along with an error statement, that states c:/Documents and Settings/…/data error 42125 zip archive is corrupted avast. As a result, your system will start showing you unexpected behavior. 

At times, it might shut down automatically or running program window may crash or your system will perform slow.

Hence, the error is required to be fixed at the earliest, else it can crash many programs which are running in the background. 

Common Causes for Avast Error 4212:

  • Most of the time you can find this issue if the avast antivirus is not installed properly in your system.
  • Due to virus or malware attack, you can find this avast error 42125
  • For the registry corruption, this issue originates from your Windows system.
  • Another reason could be junk files.
  • Using outdated drivers for a long time can cause this issue.
  • For deleting any avast antivirus program related files may originate this issue. 

Quick Solutions to Fix Avast  Error 42125:

Here, you can find out some effective solutions so that you can fix the avast scan error 42125 by yourself. 

1. Install Avast Software Properly

Install Avast Software Properly

If you install your avast antivirus properly then it might be an effective fix for this error. Most of the time, users do not know how to install avast software and they face this issue. So, check if your antivirus is not installed accurately then follow these steps. 

  • Open Avast’s Official website.
  • Search and download the latest and compatible avast application and save the file.
  • Now, double-click on the downloaded file and then click on Yes>Install for stating the installation process.
  • Now click on Continue for two times when the installation is complete.
  • Double-click on Avast icon and run a scan 
  • Check whether the issue gets solved or not.

2. Run a Complete Malware Scan 

Run a Complete Malware Scan 

A malware attack can also cause error 42125. This error can make your system slow and unstable. Hence, the only solution to fix this issue is to run a malware scan and delete all the malicious infections from your system.

3. Fix Registry Key

Fix Registry Key

Try to edit the Windows registry entries manually and fix the avast scan error 42125 error. Follow these steps carefully.

  • Click on the Start logo and type in the search box command.
  • Press and hold ctrl and shift key together.
  • Once you see a black window, type regedit and press the Enter button.
  • Select Error 42125 from the Registry Editor.
  • Select the Export option and click on it.
  • Choose a folder and give a name.
  • Select the Selected branch option.
  • Click on the save icon and make sure the file is saved as .reg file extension.

4. Clean Junk Files

Clean Junk Files

If the junk files are not removed from your system then your antivirus system will perform slow and trigger this error. So it is best to remove this file from your system to make your system faster. Check out the below steps to run Disk Cleanup for the windows system.

  • Click on the Windows logo button and type in the search panel command and hit Enter.
  • Press CTRL and Shift and Enter keys together from your keyboard.
  • Then, click on Yes from the permission box.
  • Once you see a window, type regedit and press Enter.
  • Choose the Temporary Files and categories to clean up the junk files.
  • Finally, click on Ok and check the issue.

5. Upgrade The Drivers

Upgrade The Drivers

If you are using old drivers for your system then you must update them else you can encounter this error.

  • Go to the Windows official website.
  • Search and download the compatible and latest troubleshooter to fix your issues.
  • Once the downloading process completes, right-click on the downloaded file and select Run as Administrator option.
  • Follow the online instruction and complete the process.
  • Now run Windows Update again and install other updates if available.

6. Use System Restore

Use System Restore

Try the Windows system restore and fix the error. Do not worry it will not hamper your documents and other important files. For using System restore you have to follow these steps.

  • Press the Windows button from your keyboard.
  • Type System Restore in the search panel and press Enter.
  • Click on System Restore from the results that are appearing.
  • Enter your administrator passwords.
  • Select a restore point by following the steps in the Wizard.
  • Finally, restore your computer.

7. Run an SFC scan

Run an SFC scan

If any of the Windows system files get corrupted then you might notice this error message. Therefore,  running an SFC scan can be an effective fix to this error.

  • Click on the Windows logo button.
  • In the search box, type command.
  • Press and Hold CTRL+Shift and hit the Enter button at the same time.
  • Click on Yes from the permission dialog box.
  • In the black box, after the blinking cursor type sfc/scannow and click Enter.

8.  Update Windows

Update Windows

If you want to fix avast error 42125 then, install all windows updates. Microsoft launched various system files that are associated with this error. So, check out Windows update on a daily basis.

  • Click on the Windows start logo.
  • In the search box, type update and then click the Enter option.
  • Windows Update box will pop up.
  • Click on the Install updates button if available.

9. Reinstall Your Windows

After following the above-mentioned methods if the issue still persists then reinstall your Windows operating system to fix the issue. But before performing any installation process, you ensure that you have backed-up all your important files, documents, and pictures to avoid data loss. It can also download a backup solution to secure your data.

This process will allow you to start with a fresh system. If the issue still remains the same then, it could be an issue with your hardware. In such a case, you can replace your hardware and check if the issue gets resolved or not.