Avast antivirus software which is a widely chosen antivirus. Its function is to keep your system protected from online threats which may infect while browsing the internet. So we can call this as a system protection software. However, if you are facing this Avast error 305, then you can go through this article. In this article, you will get the complete guidelines of this error code including the causes, effects and the solutions of it.

This error code gets triggered without any notice; it just appears in front of your eyes suddenly. While using Avast antivirus, in some cases, it stops working in the middle of scans and end results with a pop-up message as Avast Error 305.

Probable Causes Behind Avast 305 Error

Conflict of the Avast antivirus with the other incompatible programs may result in this error code. Accumulation of the useless files or if any harmful files get into your PC then it may also be a reason for this error code. Whatever be the cause of this error you need to resolve it, to get your system back with a flawless condition.

How To Fix Avast Error 305

In this part of this article, you will be able to learn the procedures of how to fix the Avast 305 error code.

Way 1: Close Conflicting Programs

As 305 error code is a run time error code and the conflicts between the two programs can be the cause. If this is the reason, then you need to close the other programs which are interfering with Avast antivirus running processes. Now let us start the steps for closing the conflicting programs.

At first, open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Alt and the Delete button from your keyboard at the same time. Under the Task Manager, choose the Processes tab and then you will be able to see all the programs which are still running in your system. Then start selecting the programs from the beginning and press on the End task button. By doing this, you will be able to stop those programs. After doing this if the problem gets solved then fine otherwise continue with the procedure as stated below.

Way 2: Update Avast To Resolve Avast Error

Using an outdated version of antivirus can also be a reason for Avast error 305 issue. Then to resolve this, you need to update your Avast Antivirus software.

First, right-click on Avast icon from the taskbar and choose Update and then Programs. Now this will starts the updating process. Wait until it is over because any interference may affect your system worse than the present condition. So you need to run this process very carefully.

Set Automatic Updates In Avast

There are many options available in the Avast software settings which you may apply to it for updates. The options are:

  • Automatic Update
  • Ask when an update is downloaded
  • Ask when an update is available
  • Manual update.

To go for it at first, you need to right-click on the Avast icon and then choose Avast user interface from the pop-up menus. After that click on Settings from the main menu and select Update from the left panel.This will generate all the above options in front of you. Now you will be able to choose according to your own preference.

Way 3: Perform Disk Cleanup

A low space in the disk can make your system slow and not only that it may also be a reason for this Avast error 305. So you need to free up your system space and to do this follow the procedure as explained below.

Before cleaning the files from your hard-drive try to keep the backup of the important ones. After that go to the Windows search box and type in File Explorer on it and press Enter. Now using File Explorer, open This PC and right-click on the system directory file; generally which is the Drive C:/ file in every PC. After that click on Properties and then select the Disk Cleanup.

Way 4: Freshly Install Your Graphics Driver

If this 305 problem is related to the bad graphics driver, then you may run this steps. Open the Device Manager and then locate the graphics driver in your system. After that right click on it and then select Uninstall. Next, Restart your PC, this will reinstall the Graphics Driver of your system.

These are the effective procedures by which you will be able to solve this Avast error 305 issue.