Avast is an antivirus software that is designed to protect your system from malware activities. Despite offering reliable features, Avast antivirus often encounters a few problems while updating the software. Avast won’t update is the common concern of most of the Avast users. However, it is a known issue and can be solved easily.

If you face the same issue with Avast and looking for quick solutions, you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will get some effective fixes to this problem. Or else, you can also seek help from our Avast tech experts as they are well-versed with all the technical know-how of Avast. They will quickly fix the issue with effective methods.

Figure Out Why Avast Won’t Update

Avast antivirus offers a full security to your PC. Every software requires frequent updates. But this Avast update issue basically restricts the users from updating the software. So it can bring several troubles to your system.

In case you are using the outdated version of your Operating System, then your Avast antivirus may get the problem during an update. In some instances, the firewall in your system may prevent your device from installing the latest updates of programs.

Also, when there is a software conflict between your Operating System and Avast, then it may block the Avast update. To avoid this, you have to perform a clean boot on your system. Unless you update Avast in a regular interval, your system may get stuck at risk. You have to eliminate this problem so Avast antivirus update should be completed. Now let us see how to eliminate this issue.

Fix Avast Won’t Update Issue With Easy Steps

These are a few effective fixes that you can try out to fix the Avast won’t update issue. Try one at a time and see which one will solve the update failure.

Update Your Operating System

This is the first step that you should follow if you are using an outdated version, then it causes problems with the Avast antivirus. To update your Operating System, perform the below-given steps.

Go to the settings options and click on the “update and security” option from the menu. Then go to the Windows update option and check for the available updates and install them. Now check if the update error is still reflecting.

Temporarily Disable Firewall

To do this, you have to follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Move to the Start option and type Firewall in it. Now double-click on the “Windows Firewall” option.
  • After that turn off the Firewall option.

Perform A Clean Boot On Your System

You need to perform a clean boot on your system to eliminate all the problems of Avast. To do this, execute the steps from below.

  • Type ” system configuration” in the search box and hit Enter. After that, select the Services tab then select “Hide all Microsoft services” and disable all.
  • From the startup tab, click on the Task manager. Select all the programs and click on the disable option. Close the Task manager. Now on the startup tab of the system configuration tab, click Ok. Then restart your computer and update Avast antivirus.

As soon as you perform the above steps, your Avast antivirus update issues will be resolved. If you are still stuck with the same trouble with Avast, we are here to help. Call our support service team to get instant assistance from our end.

Call Avast Support Experts

We have well-trained technicians who can resolve Avast won’t update issue efficiently. The technicians at our support team have a vast experience in the technical field and have the capability to fix Avast problems.

The technicians are available 24*7 to assist you. Therefore, you can call on our Avast Support +1-855-589-4554 and let us know your antivirus troubles. If you have any query, you can mail us at our Email Id info@antivirussupport.org. As soon as our team members receive your mail, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

You can also talk with our representatives directly via live chat support. In that case, you just have to visit our website and avail the live chat support option. Our technicians can assist you further and fix your Avast issues at the soonest.