Avast is one of the antivirus software for protecting your system from all the web threats efficiently. Besides its outstanding functionalities, there are a lot of issues which are responsible for creating the Avast hazards. Therefore, it becomes a big trouble for the Avast users when they get stuck with the antivirus glitches. Therefore, you can go through this article and sort out the Avast Windows 10 issues rapidly.

Major Avast Windows 10 Issues

Here we have introduced some of the major problems with the Avast antivirus software. In case you are facing any of them, get in touch with our Avast product specialists for instant help.

BSOD Error

The Blue Screen Of Death error is one of the main threats of the Avast antivirus. After updating Avast, you will get this kind of glitch. This irritating issue may happen due to the incompatibility problem between the Avast software and the Windows processor.

Cortana Error

Sometimes, you may find the Cortana and Start menu both not working. Therefore, while you are tapping on the Start menu, you will get an error. It may happen due to some of the corrupted file of the Avast software that may not work.

Scanning Issues

Many times, you may see that the Avast is unable to detect the malware, spyware and other web threats. Therefore, while you are scanning your system through this software, you will get an alert regarding the virus attack. But, after a particular time, it will pop-up a warning message like, “Your system is infected with the virus”. This will effectively resolve Avast Windows 10 issues.

Troubleshoot Avast Issues With Windows 10

Try out the simple tricks from here and remove the Avast issues completely from your system. In case you are unable to deal with any of the methods, connect with us.

Update Avast

First, open your Avast Antivirus software window and tap on “Settings.” Here, you will get the “Update” option under the “Settings” menu. After that, you will get “Program” as a drop-down list item from the Settings menu. Finally, click on “Update” to update the Avast software and click on “OK” to update the security software successfully.

Repair Avast

First of all, open the Control Panel window by tapping on the Start button. After that, you get several subprograms in the Control Panel window. Secondly, you can select the “Programs” menu and then select the “Programs and Features” from the list of the options. Here, you will get all the installed app list.

Choose the “Avast” and tap on “Uninstall/Change” by right-clicking on that software. Then, you will get another option, “Repair” to update and repair the Avast Windows 10 Issues successfully. The procedure will take several minutes, don’t turn off your system until the repairing process is done. Finally, reboot your system and check whether the issues persist or not.

Use Command Prompt

To proceed with this method, press the Windows key +R from the keyboard and open the Run dialogue box. In this dialogue box, you have to type the command, “msconfig” and click “OK” to confirm. Now, you will get the System Configuration window. Here, you might choose, “Boot” option.

After that, put the check mark on the “Safe boot” option and confirm it by tapping “Yes.” Finally, restart your system, and you will see that your system is started in Safe Mode. So, you have to recover your System into the usual way and check whether your Cortana menu is working or not.

Through System File Checker

Right-click on the Start menu and choose the option, “Command prompt(admin)”. Now, type “sfc/scannow” in the Command prompt and run it by pressing “Enter.” After that, you might wait until the process has been finished. Finally, it will automatically reboot your system, and after that turn on your system, you might check whether the Cortana menu is workable or not.

Add A New Account

First, open your Run dialogue box and type “Control userpassword2” into the dialogue box and hit “Enter” to confirm. Secondly, User accounts will open and Click on “Add…”, your Sign-in window will open. Then, select “Sign in without a Microsoft account” at the bottom of the screen.

After that, a user window will open and choose “Local Account” at the bottom of the screen. Finally, enter the details of the new account and click on “Next” and “Finish” respectively to omit the issues. If you are still facing a problem with Avast issues with Windows 10, you may connect with us for a permanent fix.

Connect With Us

Our technical team for Avast is quite skillful to rectify the Avast issues efficiently. So Avast Windows 10 issues are not a big deal for us. Therefore, you can avail our reliable services at an affordable rate. Moreover, our Avast support is available for 24*7.

Our Avast Support is +1-855-589-4554. So, if you are encountering the Avast issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can drop an email at our mailing address info@antivirussupport.org for technical assistance and get a feasible solution from our technical team.